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About BIrdsnake

You may be wondering the origins of the elusive Birdsnake. All we know is that it came slithering in at some point during the creative process; feathers and all.

It’s a title that excites us as much as our chocolate, and we’d go as far as to say that our chocolate has us weak at our knees any day of the week.

It came about after looking into the origin of Cacao. According to Mesoamerican (Mayan and Aztec belief) Cacao was originally given to humans by a giant feathered serpent, which appeals to us.

We get that tingle on the nape of our necks, that warmth caressing below the collar, and that shimmy in our stride, for several reasons. Aside from the fact that Birdsnake is damn delicious, we source our cacao from the most remote corners of the globe in the hope you’ll be experiencing those same sensations.

It’s not just you, the consumer, that we care about, though. The production line flies far, and we make sure to pay above board for the ingredients we use so that everyone involved, from the farm to your face, gets a fair go.

We are just a company determined to do the right thing. The end result is the chocolate you’ve got in your hand right now.

Cheers, Birdsnake.